Foodie Friday: Anacortes is a Foodie Haven

I often get asked questions about what to do and see in the small towns I visit. These questions usually come to me via Twitter and Facebook, but sometimes in person, like the other day at a local bar. Out of all the questions, I get asked, there is ONE that I get asked the…


Minne-Roadtrip to Owatonna, MN

History, Architecture and International Eats on the Minne-Roadtrip in Owatonna, MN

Revolutionary architecture, historical museums, and international food might sound like a day in the big city. What would you say if I told you this can be found in the small town of Owatonna, MN? What does a Minne-Roadtrip to Owatonna look like? On this itinerary, you’ll marvel at a “jewel box of the prairie,”…