An aviation weekend in Snohomish County.

New Article: A Paine Field Aviation Adventure

This year I’ve spent a lot of time exploring Seattle North Country (Snohomish County). One of my favorite adventures happened in the Paine Field Aviation District. An easy day trip from Seattle, or even a weekend getaway, this district will have you discovering airplanes used during WWII like the Polikarpov U-2/Po-2 flown by the “Night…


View of Mount Rainier from Gig Harbor, WA

10 Romantic Getaways You Must Take Your Sweetie in Washington State

Looking for kissable locales for romantic getaways to take your sweetie to in Washington State? When you envision this escape does it include a jetted tub with views of Possession Sound? Or maybe, a three-course gourmet meal with the sound of a crackling fire in the background? Perhaps, you’d rather have a wine tasting wine and then…