Diablo Dam in the North Cascades.

Diablo Lake & Lunch Tour: Dams, Monkeys, and a Green Lake

Diablo Lake isn’t a lake. It’s a five-mile reservoir created by Diablo Dam. Tucked within the North Cascades in Washington State, it has a stunning setting with snow-capped mountains on either side. Even more remarkable is the lake’s green hue, which is from particles of mica in the glacial rock flour (a dust mixture from…


Scenic fall drives in Washington State

Three Favorite Scenic Fall Drives in Washington State

It’s fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means it’s time for scenic fall drives. In Washington State, I have three favorite fall drives that are perfect for a fall road trip or a getaway. And, if you need more inspiration check out my Six Reasons to Visit Washington State in the Fall. 3 Favorite…