Dessert at the Chef and the Farmer.

Kinston, North Carolina – Made for Foodies

This spring I spent three days exploring Kinston, North Carolina. Once known for its tobacco, textiles, and music scene it earned the name “The Magic Mile” city. Today, the tobacco barns and textile mills are gone, but this small town is making its mark on the foodie and libation scene. Here is my list of foodie…


Mother Earth Motor Lodge 60s bubble chairs.

Mother Earth Motor Lodge – Could This Be The Coolest Motel in North Carolina?

I’m betting most travelers have a preconceived notion about roadside motels. One that isn’t usually on the favorable side. On a recent trip to the small town of Kinston, North Carolina, my own opinion was put to the test with a hosted stay at Mother Earth Motor Lodge. Originally called Kinston’s Mid-Town Motor Lodge, it was built in 1963…