My Favorite Holiday Event in Anacortes – Winter Wonderland Walk

It’s no surprise that small town of Anacortes, WA is a joyful place to spend the holidays. After all, Burl Ives, known for his beloved seasonal classics, retired in this seaside hamlet. If you missed the 3 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in the Skagit Valley, don’t worry, there is another Anacortes event that is fun for the whole family. Each year, the City of Anacortes, local businesses and organizations decorate Washington Park campsites with festive lights, decorations, and holiday cheer for the annual Winter Wonderland Walk.

This year (2018), Winter Wonderland Walk takes place on December 7th and 8th from 5 to 8 p.m., and it’s FREE!

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Winter Wonderland Walk in Anacortes

There are many reasons the Winter Wonderland Walk is my favorite Anacortes holiday event. First, it is unique and very Pacific Northwest. Where else can you walk down a lit path through the woods to campsites decorated with holiday cheer? Second, are the local businesses, organizations, and groups who put their heart into making these two nights special. Each year it grows, and more holiday fun is added. What can you expect at the Winter Wonderland Walk? Roasted chestnuts, s’mores, hot cocoa, campfires to warm finger and toes, reindeer poop donuts, peanuts, Christmas carols, lights and more lights, karaoke singing, live music, and, the Grinch in Whoville and Santa.

Travel Tip #1: The event is in the woods so come prepared with hats, gloves, sturdy shoes, and even though the path is lit, it is helpful to have a flashlight handy just in case.

Travel Tip #2: There are bathrooms near the campgrounds to the right of the path near the begining of the trail.

Travel Tip #3: If you need a place to dine I recommend A’Town Bistro, Dad’s Diner, The Shrimp Shack, 5th Street Bistro, The Brown Lantern, Rockfish Grill, and my favorite place for happy hour is Secret Cove.



Winter Wonderland Walk

Holiday Light Displays in Anacortes

Extend your Winter Wonderland Walk adventure and check out the

Anacortes holiday light displays on Biz Point Lane and SR 20.

Biz Point Road Holiday Light Display

Each year the Noltensmeyer’s decorate their yard with around 500,000 lights, and they happily share this delightful glittering display with others. There are dozens of scenes that light up the yard, like the nativity, dinosaurs, and the candy cane village.

Address: 3820 Biz Point Road, Anacortes, WA 98221

Travel Tip #4: Visitors are allowed to walk on the path that goes all the way around the house. A sign in the yard notes the radio channel.

Anacortes Cool Christmas Lights

Anacortes Cool Christmas Lights dazzles drivers with a jubilant synchronized holiday light show with hundreds of cosmic, strobe and LED lights that dance to twenty-two songs on station 101.7 F.M. The display is a wonder to behold with its cosmic light ribbon tree, eight-point star, and a seventy-foot-tall mega tree with over 1000 feet of lights.

Address: 8232 State Route 20, east of the Shell Station and Blue Cow Carwash.

Travel Tip #5: The display is on the right side of Hwy 20 when heading east. Pull over to the side of the road and tune into the radio channel.


Thinking of visiting the small town of Anacortes, WA? There are plenty of ways to get the scoop.

Winter Wonderland Walk in Anacortes.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Event in Anacortes – Winter Wonderland Walk”

  1. I love Winter Wonderland! Always such a fun event that leaves me feeling like a big kid – I took some of my Aussie family there last weekend and they had a blast. I will have to check out the house displays you mentioned. Thanks! Happy holidays!

    • Danielle, What a perfect way to put it — feeling like a big kid. That is how I feel every time. I heard this year they had record numbers. That is great you were able to take your family there. Yes, check out the holiday lights you won’t be disappointed.

  2. What a heartwarming Christmas celebration! I love the lights, and the extra touches like free smores and cocoa. This is something our entire family would love!


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