woman hiking in washington with both snow and blooming wildflwoers on the ground

Welcome to Small Town Washington!

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With a destination as diverse and magnificent as ours, we know that no one person could be an expert in everything. Because of this, we’ve assembled a team that allows everyone to focus on the aspects of Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia that they know best.

From where to find the best hikes in Washington, to where to drink the best coffee in Bend, to the details on how to tackle the legendary Enchantments hike, we’re dedicated to (eventually) cataloguing every corner of the Pacific Northwest here on Small Town Washington.

Whether you’ve called the Pacific Northwest home for your entire life or you’re a first-time visitor to the region, we hope to inspire you to discover new corners of what is arguably the most stunning corner of the USA.

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hiker in a national forest in washington state