8 Things to Do in Tofino, Vancouver Island

Located right on Vancouver Island’s beautiful west coast, there are so many wonderful things to do in Tofino!

After exploring Tofino for a couple of days, this small surf-loving town completely won me over with its laid-back vibe, natural beauty, fantastic food scene, unique experiences, its wide range of accommodations, and its proximity to Pacific Rim National Park.

If you are looking for a cool town to visit on Vancouver Island, here are some of my must-do Tofino activities for the perfect getaway.

Best Things to Do in Tofino, BC

Enjoy the local beers.

Beer sampler at Tofino Brewing Company.
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One of the best things to do in Tofino for beer lovers is check out the local brewery. Can’t decide what kind of beer you want? Try a sampler of beers at the Tofino Brewing Company.

The scene is lively with a mix of ages waltzing through the door. Those that don’t take a seat have their growler in hand and get it topped off with their favorite brew to enjoy later at a beach bonfire!

Watch the surfers.

I met many people on my trip to Tofino, including a Canadian fellow who regularly visits Tofino to surf. Yes, SURF!

All that matters is the waves, and being exposed to the open ocean, they get a lot.

I’ve already told you that one of the top reasons people come to Tofino is to surf. But what I didn’t tell you is that Tofino’s surf culture is mostly dominated by women!

The surfer school Surf Sisters is owned and run by women, and is the biggest surf school in the world with all female instructors. They even started a women’s surf competition called Queen of the Peak.

The school teaches men and women to surf, so if surfing is on your bucket list, sign up for a lesson with the Surf Sisters.

Storm watch in the winter.

Photo courtesy of Pacific Sands Beach Resort

In fact, there is so much wave action that Tofino is also known for its winter storms!

People fly in from all over the world to see the intensity of Mother Nature and stay in a hotel specifically to storm watch in Tofino. Actually, that is why my travels took me here!

It’s becoming more and more popular — in fact, I was told by several locals the winter “offseason” is becoming nonexistent because so many people come to storm watch!

If you go during this time of year, many of the accommodations above are on the beach with beach access. The Pacific Sands Beach Resort and the Wickaninnish Inn are excellent choices as their rooms take in the views of the storm, and they have storm-watching packages.

Try local favorite places to eat.

You do not want to be on a diet when visiting Tofino for it has an amazing culinary scene that highlights locally sourced ingredients and creative dishes by talented chefs.

During my visit, I got to sample a wide range of eateries, but not all of them. I need to go back!

Here are my recommendations:

  • Tacofino – This taco food truck and serves HUGE tasty tacos.
  • Chocolate Tofino – Must stop for chocolate and gelato lovers. I had the hammerhead ice cream, and my favorite chocolates are the hazelnut rainforest crispy logs. The owners have such a neat story. They visited Tofino to surf and each afternoon stopped by the chocolate shop. A friend teased that they should buy the shop. That planted a seed, and they couldn’t stop thinking about it. A few months later they ended up buying the shop!
  • Tofino Brewing Company – Sampler tray and locally made kombucha.
  • Rhino Coffee House – Beer donuts; sugared and maple bacon.
  • Surfside Grill – Caesar salad and fish taco trio.
  • Shelter Restaurant – Roasted Peace Country Lamb Sirloin. The lounge has a very hip outside enclosed seating area.
  • Sobo – I went here because a local told me they had the best margaritas in town. Good and very strong and no one is allowed more than two. They also have an award-winning book, The Sobo Cookbook: Recipes from the Tofino Restaurant at the End of the Canadian Road.
  • Wolf in the Fog – From start to finish, my meal blew me away. Non-alcoholic drink Yolo Yogi, avocado toast with red pepper chutney, and a side of maple bacon.

After chatting with some locals at the brewery, I got the intel on some of the lesser-known best places to eat that I’ve added to my list for my next trip to Tofino.

For breakfast, try Jamie’s Restaurant & Lounge for breakfast, and for lunch or a casual dinner, head to Sea Monster Noodle Bar for a heaping bowl of noodles.

Check out the Trans-Canada Highway sign at the edge of the continent.

End of the Pacific Highway in Tofino.

Near the pier, there is a sign that marks the end of the Trans Canada Highway.

It’s a bit bizarre to see a highway ending at the end of the continent — making it a can’t miss thing to do in Tofino for lovers of the obscure and absurd!

Take in a glorious sunset.

Sunset at Cox Bay Beach in Tofino, British Columbia.

If you prefer sunsets over storms, Tofino has some glorious sunsets you can enjoy it while strolling along one of the many beaches.

A favorite local place to watch the sunset is Pettinger Point (which many locals still call Sunset Point).

The trail is right next to Pacific Sands Resort and is open to the public.

Hike in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

I’m a hiker, and wherever I go, I like to hit the trails. That is easy to do in Tofino for it is right next to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and there are a couple of trails in town!

Personally, I preferred the trails at the park, which is known for its wild West Coast Trail. A favorite beach is Long Beach and after going there myself I have to agree it is stunning!

There are short and long trails, and if you want to explore this area stop by the park office or the Tofino tourism office (which is right on your way into town).

Both sell park passes and have maps that show the trails. They can also help you pick out the best hikes based on skill, age, and time.

Tip: Keep in mind this area is wild and you might see or encounter bears and wolves.

Soak in natural hot springs.

If surfing isn’t high on your list of things to do in Tofino, what about soaking in natural hot springs?

I first learned about Hot Springs Cove several years ago, knowing that it is one of the must-stop places while cruising through Clayoquot Sound.

During my visit, Jamie’s Whaling Station and Adventures Centres hosted my trip to Hot Springs Cove.

The trip is around 6 hours total and includes a ride to the springs, a 45-minute hike to the springs, a couple of hours to enjoy a soak, and then the hike back to the boat for the ride back to Tofino.

The springs are not in a circular pool pattern but lie within a rocky crevice so it can be a little precarious getting to the water. You’ll want to bring a snack, water, and wear sturdy water shoes like Tevas. If you take your cell phone, you’ll want to consider a waterproof phone pouch.

Tip: In the winter the springs were in the shade and no sunscreen was needed. Not sure if the sun pattern changes in the warmer months. I could see bug spray being handy for hike to and from the springs in the summer.

Where to Stay in Tofino

I had the pleasure of staying in one of the beach houses at the Pacific Sands Beach Resort right on Cox Bay Beach. I could walk right out my front door, walk around the house and be right on the sand!

The beach houses are gorgeous and spacious and come with a full kitchen, dining area, seating area, patio, a master bedroom with a bathroom and soaking tub and another bedroom that sleeps four with its own bathroom.

All windows and the patio take in the views of the Cox Beach Bay and the surfers that flock here.

One could easily spend the day just enjoying the view. Beach houses are a great choice for families or a small group as there is plenty of room with the downstairs area and upstairs living quarters.

They also have a wide range of suites with fully-equipped kitchens for couples or smaller groups. If you want to hear the surf, all you have to do is open a window or door!

Pacific Sands Beach Resort also has lots of onsite amenities like complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate, additional bakeware and appliances upon request, DVD library rental, childcare services, beach and water toy rentals, Surf Sisters Surf School, bike rentals, Surfside Grill, and outdoor gas and wood firepits.

You can book directly through Pacific Sands Beach Resorts or use one of my affiliate links such as TripAdvisorHotels.com, and Travelocity which is at no additional cost to you, and a small percentage goes to me to help support my blog.

More Beachfront Accommodations

I also spent a couple of hours touring around the island and looking at other accommodations. Here are some other options I liked:

How to Get to Tofino

You’ll definitely want a car during your Tofino adventure, and I would also recommend including a trip or stay in the neighboring town of Ucluelet.

It is quite a trek to get to the west coast of Vancouver Island, and the journey takes you through mountains and Provincial Parks. If you are flying into Victoria International Airport, rent a car there.

 You will also want to check the tire and change requirements for the season you are traveling. Usually, from October to April, you are required to have snow tires to drive through a small section of the mountains.

Verify with your car rental company that the vehicle has snow tires and not just all weather tires. You can read more about this requirement here.

If you are driving from Washington State, you can catch the Black Ball Ferry Line from Port Angeles. It is a 90-minute ride and once you get to Victoria, the drive to Tofino takes around 4.5-hours.

You can also drive north on I-5, cross the Canadian border, and catch the ferry at Tsawwassen. The ride is 2 hours, and when you get to Nanaimo the drive to Tofino is 3 hours.

Tip: If you need to get gas, Port Alberni is the last major town with services before you head over the mountains.

How did I get there? I chose to go via the Port Angeles/Black Ball Ferry route and stayed at a cheap motel close to the ferry as I had to get up early the next morning for the first ferry. The Flagstone Motel was very affordable ($50 in March), and surprisingly the bed was very comfortable, which can be iffy in a cheap motel stay.

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  1. The Tofino Botanical Garden and Tea Room is fabulous. The food is as local as it gets. Really nice. Also the restaurant at Tin Wis Resort is excellent with commanding views. We like taking the Black Ball then driving to Chemainus for the first night before continuing to Tofino. You really can’t go wrong on Vancouver Island…

    • Patrice, I wanted to check out the Botanical Gardens but ran out of time. Good to know you like that stop and cafe.

  2. That beach house is aamazzzinng!! I’ve been to Victoria on the island and absolutely loved it! I would have loved to explore more of the island but we had time constraints. I have heard lately Tofino is not as nice as it used to be but I’m glad to see a different perspective!

    • Lauren, Lots of people visit in the height of the season and I was told it does get crowded. So maybe that is what they were referring too. I went in March and as a offseason traveler I’d most likely go again in the offseason to avoid the crowds.

  3. How interesting (and exciting) that they have such a strong female surfing base! I’d be curious to know more about how Surf Sisters came to be so will check out your link. And, truly: Chocolate + Donuts+ Tacos = what more do you need??! 😉 This sounds like a fantastic vacation!

  4. What a unique region to explore! I’m moving to Canada next year (Quebec with my partner) but would love to visit B.C. when I have the chance to take a short break, and you’ve really inspired me to head away from the big city and explore some of the smaller gems!


    • Stephanie, Happy to inspire you to travel small! I hope you get to check it out on a short break. I’ve heard great things about Quebec but haven’t been yet.

  5. The PNW has got to be one of my favourite regions in the world. I’m not into surfing but I am definitely into gazing at the waves rolling in while enjoying a beach bonfire and food! I love that there are hot springs and trails around. Thanks for introducing me to Tofino– love how it rolls off my tongue.

    • Mohana, You’ll love it! It is great for watching the surf, walking the beach and eating. Great combination while traveling!

  6. I grew up on Vancouver Island and Tofino is still one of my favourite places in the world. No matter how many times I visit, I still find more to explore. It might seem like a small town, but for anyone into nature, you could spend your life here.

    • Jennifer, I told the border guard on my way back to the US that if I was Canadian I’d pack up and move there. I so want to go back and do more exploring!

  7. I seriuosly had to google where this was? Never heard of it. Really looks like you become one with nature, I LOVE IT! Also reminds me of “up north” here in Minnesota!!

    • Tif, I can see how it would feel like the wilds of Minnesota. So much beauty in both places.

  8. You had me at beer sampler, but sealed the deal with your description and photos of the Pacific Sands Beach Resort. I have been to Vancouver Island numerous times — but mostly in and around Victoria. Clearly I have been missing an amazing culinary and adventure opportunity. Thank you for setting me straight! 😉

  9. Stunning sunsets, a cozy resort, white sands, great food…what else does one need on a trip to the coast? What a cute place Tofino is! We are working out a BC trip and this will be very useful for us. What do you think of October as a time to visit BC?

    • Punita, September and the first two weeks of October can often be the sunniest weather months in the Pacific Northwest, and less crowded too as kids are back in school. I would think Tofino might be the same, but they are exposed to the open ocean which might mean they have more clouds and of course the storms will be on the way. Doing a quick search it says Tofino is in the upper 50s during October. Have fun on your trip!

  10. I would love to visit the hot springs! I always go to them in Japan and need to start exploring them in other countries.
    I’m also a recent fan of kombucha, so the Tofino Brewing Company would be on my list of places to visit 🙂

    • Candy, Isn’t kombucha great! You can find it all over the Pacific Northwest! I’m a huge hot springs fan and don’t go enough. I’d love to check out the ones in Japan!

  11. Tofino looks really promising. I am really attracted by the storms and would love to see nature’s fury unleashed. It is intriguing to learn that they also offer ‘Storm Packages”. Apart from storms what attracts me is the opportunity to learn surfing and of course sunsets. Definitely a great place to head to explore a different aspect of nature.

    • Sandy, The locals were telling me about one of the crazy big storms they had this year with 100 foot crashing waves. I would have loved to see that!

  12. What a delightful town Tofino is and you have curated such a wonderful itinerary for a trip there. You had me at hot springs! But, what I find most interesting is the idea of surfing in a colder climate. It’s nothing I have ever thought of before and it’s so intriguing. You have to be dedicated to the sport to take it on in such temperatures. That’s awesome.
    I think I would like to center a trip around the storm watching, though. It must be magnificent.

    • Carrie, Surfers who brave cold waters are so gusty. I watched a documentary surfer movie called Under and Arctic Sky where they go to Iceland to surf. It’s a fascinating movie, and I think you’d like it.

  13. I have never been to Tofino but it sounds wonderful. BC actually inspired me to move out of Ohio. We went on vacation there and it really spoke to me. About a decade later, we were in a van driving to PNW with all of our stuff packed.

    I would love to try surfing in the PNW, especially if I get to soak in hot springs afterward. The kayaking and hiking sound amazing too. Hopefully, I would burn off enough calories that I could eat all that yummy food guilt free. Great article. We are saving it for later.

    • Jenn and Ed, I can totally see why BC inspired you to move. I grew up in the Midwest to and the mountains and sea always called to me! I hope you get to visit soon and check it out. If you go surfing let me know how it goes! I saw tons of surfers out in the waters in March but didn’t attempt it myself as I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold water. 😉

  14. Tofino looks such a lovely place and for me definitely the Sunset view was the best. Could visit the place just to get a view of the sunset… Not a big fan of surfing but will definitely love the hot springs.. Will put Tofino on my list for the time when I visit Canada…

    • Roshni, That sunset blew me away! On top of that there were only a handful of people on the beach so I felt like I had that moment all to myself.

  15. I have only been to Vancouver City, but Tofino sounds like a wonderful place to visit! Great food, gorgeous sunsets, hiking in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and storm watching are all perfect reasons to keep it in mind!

    • Alex,

      Vancouver is a great city. I hope next time you visit you’ll get to make it to Tofino!

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