9 Outstanding Oregon Coast Wineries to Try

The Oregon coast is full of beautiful scenery, crashing waves, and quaint little seaside towns. You may not want to sunbathe on the beach here, but the power and majesty of the coastline will take your breath away.

There is no shortage of fun stuff to do along the Oregon coast from sightseeing tours to fishing to reading a book at a quiet B&B.

The Oregon coast is located close to where I grew up, and I return to the coast again and again to enjoy the unique vibe of the friendly little towns, its surprisingly hip bars and restaurants, and the sand and surf that stretch on for miles.

One of the things that the coast is also known for is its cadre of really delightful wineries on the Oregon Coast. Wine-making is a huge part of Oregon’s economy, and this is still true even on the coast!

The location and climate of the Oregon Coast is perfect for wineries, and there are many local winemakers who have taken advantage of the perfect setting to make their mark on the wine-making world!

While many of the locations that you can visit are satellite locations to bigger vineyards located further inland, you will still be tasting the products that have been created using local vines and local winemaker’s talents.

The wine that you can taste further inland will always have a different character than the wine that you taste on the coast, so when possible, prioritize trying local Oregon Coast wines over larger tasting room outposts.

large rocks in the pacific ocean waves of oregon coast
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9 Delightful Oregon Coast Wineries

Nehalem Bay Winery

This charming Oregon Coast winery is located in Nehalem, and it is housed in a historic building.

The building was originally a creamery, and the winery has preserved the look of the building as well as some of the historical items related to its days being used for this purpose.

Nehalem offers up the beauty of both the forest and the coastline to those who visit it, and you will be charmed by the rustic character of the town itself.

This is a town that has chosen to preserve its frontier-styling in the main part of town, and you can really feel the original character of the city from the moment you set foot in town.

Fruit wines are the name of the game here, and the Blackberry Wine is to die for! They also make a fruity sweet red that is worth a try if you don’t mind your wines on the sweet side, and the Oregon plum wine is scrumptious!

There are also more typical flavor profiles available here, from a white Riesling to a full-bodied Pinot Noir.

This is a great place to come to see the sights, experience some history related to the original town of Nehalem, and to try some of the best fruit wines that are available anywhere in the Northwest.

man drinking a glass of red wine in a vineyard

The Winery at Manzanita

Manzanita is home to many quaint bed and breakfasts and the town is a bit bigger than some of the others on this list. You will have access to really good food here in town, and you can see the beach from many of the local restaurants.

The Winery at Manzanita is a great place for tasty food as well as excellent wine, and the breakfast here should not be missed!

The wines are small batch here, and they serve flights that let you try all the styles they have on offer for that season. You can order s’mores by the beach and sit by the fire, or you can get cozy in the beautiful tasting room.

The Blanc de Noir is a beautiful sparkling wine they have on the current menu, and the Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir Rose is another of my favorites. They also have a Columbia Gorge Grenache and a Columbia Gorge Zinfandel that are totally delicious.

This is a really good spot to spend the afternoon and get lost in the dreamy Oregon coastal weather while pondering the quiet and charming surroundings.

five tasting sized glasses of wine on a wooden board with a view of oregon coast in background

Adelsheim Winery

This winery is located in the Chehalem Mountains along the coast, and the tasting room is truly stunning. The location feels remote and wild while also being modern and sleek. They offer various levels of tasting room experiences from basic to the level that includes a tour of the winery.

Nosh on caviar and chocolate truffles, or order up from cheese fondue for your table. This charming winery on the Oregon Coast recently celebrated 50 years, and they have been sharing their story with guests who are not as familiar with their legacy and the directives that guide their growing and fermenting processes.

The Artist Series Rosé is very good and you can collect the three unique labels on the bottles that are made by local artists. This series is refreshed often, so there are many labels to collect if you are interested in making an effort to do so.

This winery offers a variety of really excellent Pinot Noirs, making this a great haven for the Pinot buffs out there. They also make a great Chardonnay, and their sparkling wine list is quite good as well.

If you are traveling with wine lovers of all kinds, this is the right place for you to visit for wine tasting on the Oregon coast!

an empty glass in focus at a picnic table at an oregon coast winery

Shallon Winery

Located in the historic town of Astoria, this is a great stop if you want the chance to try the chocolate-orange wine that Shallon is famous for! They also make a cranberry wine that is quite popular.

This winery on Oregon’s coast is unique because they do not sell their wines anywhere else but at their location, so their product remains in high demand and can only be experienced or purchased from the maker’s hands.

This winery is run and hosted by the maker himself, and the passion that Paul van der Veldt puts into each of the roles that he has to take on to make this possible is clear. You will love the experience of this winery as much as the wines themselves.

While there are only two varieties of wine on offer here, you will love the local experience that trying them offers you!

Astoria is also home to lots of museums, the most amazing of which being the Flavel House Museum that overlooks the town.

vineyard grapes, one row in focus and others blurred out

Westport Winery

This gorgeous winery also has its own restaurant called the Sea Glass Grill. If you want to spend the better part of a day enjoying the location, you can do that!

This is a great place to try some more fruit wines, from the Ancient Mariner, which is a pear Riesling, to Bog Berry Blush which is a cranberry Gewurztraminer!

You can also try a glass of the Boom Runner sparkling almond wine or the Captain Gray oaked Chardonnay.

All of these tastes are unique and very special, and you will enjoy them in the delightful surroundings offered by the Garden Resort or at a table in the Sea Glass Grill.

There is no better place to visit, stay for a while, or to learn about local history and wine-making on the Oregon Coast. Visit the nearby Mermaid Museum for a bit more fun before you go!

five glasses of wine lined up in a row from white to red wine, a cutting board with cheese and grapes on it

Flying Dutchman Winery

Located in the tiny town of Otter Rock, this special winery is perched high on a cliff overlooking the coastline. This is a family-owned passion project, and the wines and atmosphere here make it clear that this is the case.

Open since 1999, the vineyard takes grapes from five major Oregon vineyards and makes their seasonal varietals. This is barrel fermented wine, and the winery uses traditional methods to create familiar yet special varieties.

This is the only working winery on the Oregon coast, and you are right across the street from the famous Devil’s Punchbowl and the surrounding state park.

The Raspberry Mist Dessert wine is very good, and the Cabernet Sauvignon is one of their excellent flagship wines. They make a very good Merlot as well and even a claret! For those of you like myself who grew up reading historical works of fiction, drinking Claret always feels like the height of fashion!

This is a wonderful place to pick up discounted batches of bottles as well, meaning that you can bring the coast home with you when you leave.

many glasses of wine prepared for wine tasting, a rose wine poured into a few of the glasses, the oregon coast vineyards in the background

Depoe Bay Winery

Depoe Bay is in the heart of the most quintessentially coastal part of the Oregon coast. The town is known for the overlook where you can stand above the crashing waves and feel the spray from the water in your face.

The town has a collection of cute shops and bookstores, and there are many excellent restaurants to choose from as well.

The Depoe Bay Winery is a small local player that makes really good dessert wines and excellent fruit wines in the whale-watching capital of the PNW. They also make red and white varietals, all of which can be tried in their tasting room.

They call the tasting room the wine cave, a move which was made in 1999 after the original location of the old Mohler Creamery was outgrown by the winery.

Their location is in the heart of Depoe Bay, and you can donate a dollar or more to keeping the town historic and beautiful when you visit the winery.

a row of wine glasses close up with white wine, rose, and red wine

Twist Wine Company Basket Case Wines

Located in Pacific City, this wine bar and lounge is a great stop for a Syrah or a cabernet sauvignon. Their motto is “drink whatever you like”, and they offer up a Shy Chenin Blanc, a Moodlite Merlot, and a sparkling version of their Syrah.

You are right by Haystack Rock here in Pacific City, and there are a variety of nearby restaurants and hotels if you want to stay a bit after your tasting.

They have just moved to a new location in town, and you will love the family atmosphere and the welcoming environment of the tasting room.

This family-owned winery names many of its varietals after family members, as with the Chenin Blanc, and the pride that they feel for their product is apparent from the moment that you step into the tasting room.

Their goal was to create delicious wines that anyone can afford, and they have accomplished this mission with each bottle they have produced!

three glasses of wine - red and two white wine glasses - on a table

Buddha Kat Winery

This little wine bar is located in the sleepy little town of Seaside, and it offers up a tea room feel that is a real delight. Stop in here to see the local boutiques, to eat at one of the many restaurants nearby, or just drop in for the wine tasting.

They sell gift packs of their fruit wines, and the bottles are art all by themselves!

The Black Rosé is a unique wine that you have to try here and the Rhubarb Wine is another must-try on the wine list. There is a Framboise Chocolate on offer and a Blueberry Port as well.

You can also get a Chardonnay or a traditional red here and the FIA White is quite good.

You can’t get a tour of the winery at this location, as this is a satellite location for their main location in Sandy.

They do, however, host local events at their tasting room and you can stop in for holiday tea tasting, painting classes, local bazaars, and many more fun things to do and try!

vineyards in oregon with green grape vines on a sunny day

Why Wine Taste on the Oregon Coast?

The Oregon wine scene is not just located in and around Portland! If you have come to Oregon to visit and experience the state, you would be missing out on a major part of what makes Oregon special if you didn’t visit some of its wineries.

As you plan your trip to the Oregon Coast, make sure that you include some spare time to try some Oregon coast wine varieties. You will be so glad that you made the time to learn about Oregon’s history and enjoy its unique wines.

You can come to the Oregon coast to fish, or to go whale watching, but you would missing out if you didn’t set aside at least one day to go wine tasting.

Many coastal towns in Oregon have at least one winery to their credit, or you can choose to travel along the coast from winery to winery so that you can visit them all!