5 Things to Do in Pleasant Beach Village on Bainbridge Island, WA

Over six million people ride the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry every year. Some of those are commuters, and some are visitors.

Half are walk-on passengers and throughout the year, as the small town of Winslow is a huge attraction for people day-tripping from Seattle.

But, there is another Bainbridge Island local that deserves some attention―Pleasant Beach Village!

I recently spent an evening and part of an afternoon there and want to go back and dine and drink at the other establishments.

It’s important to keep in mind that some of the businesses close on Sunday and Monday, like the Manor House Restaurant and The Beach House Bar, or have limited weekend hours, so it’s best to check ahead.

Things to Do in Pleasant Beach Village on Bainbridge Island

Check out the playful art scene.

Pleasant Beach Village, which is home to shops, eateries, and ten apartments, is decorated with a variety of murals and sculptures!

It’s mostly cats, some mice, a few dogs, some goats, as well as free-form sculptures.

Animals are posed in playful situations, some dance with instruments or other play in water features or fountains.

As a cat lover, the playful art made exploring fun as every turn or corner revealed another cat!

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Enjoy the huge variety of food options.

There are so many options for places to eat in Pleasant Beach Village. Here is a quick overview:

During my visit, I dined at the Manor House Restaurant, which consisted of light tempura asparagus with miso, hazelnuts, and fried shallots, mushroom risotto with bavette steak and a toffee caramel cake.

The next day I went to the Treehouse Café for pizza. And, for dinner that evening, my parents served Pane d’Amore’s bread.

Everything was excellent, and I’d go back again. Next time I want to check out Suzanne Maurice Wine Bar and The Beach House!

Grab a drink.

In Pleasant Beach Village, there are also plenty of lovely places to grab a drink, like Suzanne Maurice Wine Bar, a Parisian-style wine bar that also serves cheese and cured meats.

The Beach House Bar, which has craft cocktails and an outdoor terrace with fire pits, is another great choice in Pleasant Beach Village.

Want to play a round of pool while you drink? The Treehouse Café has a bar with billiards and a stage for live music.

The day I was there, I went to the bar at the Treehouse Cafe, ordered a glass of cider, and sat with the locals while watching some of the Superbowl.

Indulge in some retail therapy.

For shoppers, there are a couple of shops in Pleasant Beach Village worth a stop.

I’d recommend Sash Mercantile for clothing, handmade gifts, and jewelry and The Barn Cat for home décor, housewares, and gifts.

Check out the historic movie theater.

In 1936, Lynwood Theatre opened as Bainbridge Island’s first “talkie” movie theatre.

I’m a fan of historic movie theaters and plan to see a show here soon, the next time I’m in Pleasant Beach Village!

5 Reasons to Visit Pleasant Beach Village

How to Get to Pleasant Beach Village

If you have transportation, you can easily make an entire day of it (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks), as well as, exploring nearby activities.

If you plan to walk onto the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, take the Kitsap Transit Bus 98 (weekdays only, around 28 min.) or grab a taxi.

We have a full guide on getting to Bainbridge Island from Seattle here if you’ve never taken the ferry before.

Once you get there, plan to spend at least two hours or more grabbing a leisurely bite to eat or drink, walk from shop to shop on the nicely manicured sidewalks, enjoy the art, catch a movie, or sit in the plentiful outside seating with your cup of coffee.

If you drive to Pleasant Beach Village, there is a nearby beach with a Mt. Rainier view and a 5-minute drive away is Fort Ward Park.

If you want to make a weekend of it, there is the twelve-room The Inn at Pleasant Beach. Best of all, guests receive access to the pool, which includes a children’s wading pool and hot tub!

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  1. One half of our team lives in Seattle… I’ll have to see if she’s been to Bainbridge Island! Looks like a lovely place. Also — love your slideshows in this post! How did you manage that?

    • She most likely has. It’s the most popular ferry run. 🙂 Bainbridge Island is a really beautiful and has lots of great things to do-shopping, dining, walking, history, art, museums, etc. It’s easy to spend a couple of days there. I used the slideshow feature in the media tab.

  2. Love the quirky animal artistry all around, certainly adds a touch of fun, and very different, not seen this anywhere else, and brilliant for kids!

  3. Interesting when my boyfriend visited he said there wasn’t much to do. He must not have been looking at the right place. My favorite is the bread!

    • That’s surprising. Besides Pleasant Beach Village, there is downtown Winslow, which you can walk to from the ferry. It has an art museum, history museum, wine & beer stops, marina boardwalk and lots of great places to eat, some of which have been there for over 30 years.

  4. This looks like a darling little community with lots of things to see, do and eat! I really enjoyed your slideshows interesting way to show a lot about all the highlights in the town.

  5. Looks like a great little town! I’ll have to send this to my sister in Seattle – I know she loves exploring places like this!

  6. Lived in Seattle for a short time, but never took the ferry for more than a coastline sightseeing tour. I’m excited to try this out, and will definitely look into making a couple days of it!

    • Yes, do! Pleasant Beach Village and Winslow are great places to visit on Bainbridge Island.

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