Chihuly Glass, What’s That?

Pilchuck Glass School

As a Washingtonian, that’s a question I rarely hear. Chihuly glass, made by the artist Dale Chihuly, is probably as well-known as Starbucks. Chihuly’s formations are a sight to see. They are magical, surreal, and sometimes alien. He’s had exhibitions all over the world, and permanent collections reside in countries like Kuwait, England, and Singapore.   … Read more

5 Reasons to Visit Pleasant Beach Village on Bainbridge Island, WA

5 Reasons to Visit Pleasant Beach Village

Over six million people ride the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry every year. Some of those are commuters, and some are visitors. Half are walk-on passengers and throughout the year, the small town of Winslow is a huge attraction for day trippers. But, there is another Bainbridge Island local that deserves some attention―Pleasant Beach Village. I recently spent … Read more

Five Reasons to Stay at Alexander’s Castle in Fort Worden, WA

Destinations with the word castle attached to them create images of lavish court dinners with royalty in attendance.  It’s a romantic vision for sure, and one that is mostly connected to Europe. So, when my editor suggested my next assignment be Alexander’s Castle at Fort Worden in historic Port Townsend I was intrigued. A castle in small town … Read more

The Maryhill Museum of Art: How to Visit this Unique Spot

Maryhill Museum of Art in Maryhill, Washington.

Perched on the edge of the Colombia River and housed in the famous Sam Hill’s former hilltop mansion, the Maryhill Museum of Art is a must-see when visiting the small town of Maryhill, Washington. About the Maryhill Museum of Art The mansion turned art museum sits on 5,300-acres of south-facing ranch lands. The grounds surrounding … Read more

Wild Horse Monument-Roadside Art Along the Columbia River

  Wild Horse Monument Wild Horse Monument is perched on a ridge along I-90 east of the small town of Vantage, Washington. It’s easily seen from the road driving in either direction, but the best way to experience this sculpture is to hike up to the charging life-size horses. The monument also called “Grandfather Cuts … Read more